The mechanical driver everyone uses, screwdriver

A screwdriver is a tool which requires no introduction. A basic mechanical tool with a handle and a shaft with its one end tapered which is used to screwing or unscrewing the screws. It comes in many shape and sizes. The shaft is usually made of tough steel so that it can resist bending in case a greater force is applied.

Types of screwdriver:

A screwdriver is usually identified and differentiated by the shape of their tips. Some of them are made to fit slots, some to fit recesses, some to fir grooves. The two of the most common types of screwdrivers are simple blade type, and the other is Phillips which is normally called “cross-recess.”

They may also be differentiated on the basis of power on which they work. Some screwdrivers work by mechanical force while some are electrically operated. In case of the ones which work manually, no wires are attached whereas the one’s working on electricity are corded and require an electric power supply.

Screwdrivers market in India

A screwdriver is a tool which has its use in household purposes as well as industrial purposes. There is a large requirement of screwdrivers in the present day market in India. Not only basic ones but ones with a specific purpose are being made on a regular basis. The number of screwdriver manufacturers in India has increased tremendously. Screwdriver manufacturers are not only selling the tool locally but also exporting the screwdriver to different countries where there is a shortage of this tool. Understanding of customer requirement and serving to the same has made them sell their product on a large scale in India.

With the growth of the industrial sector in India, the demand for the specialized tool has increased. So is the case with screwdrivers, now a customer requires a certain type of screwdriver in a certain quantity he can get it made in India itself without having to look for elsewhere. The main source of this selective demand has come from the automotive manufacturing sector where in order to fit different types of screws in different shapes of slots the requirement for the set of a screwdriver for every company is unique.

In order to satisfy such specific demands, different screwdriver manufacturers have started making different types of screwdrivers ideally taking in mind the basic requirement of one such company.

The screwdriver supplier, in order to increase market share, has started taking a step further and started selling a product online making it easier for the customer to search for the product. Although these products have been selling on various websites online their sale in the offline market hasn’t declined. This in itself shows how big a market share screwdrivers hold in the tool industry. People have started considering safety measures as their priority thus selecting a right shaped, right sized screwdriver for a certain job to avoid accidents due to mismatch of the tool with the type of a screw. This also has increased demand for the screwdrivers, and the increase has been both quantitative as well as size dependent.


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