Portable warehousing is different to the traditional storage building in the sense that the whole unit is made up of materials that can be easily disassembled and moved to a different location in the worksite or an entirely separate area. But the purpose of it is also the same, to store goods for importers, exporters, wholesalers, etc.

Warehousing can be stacked up with products that are in an unorganized manner which causes a lot of space to be wasted and makes it hard to track down products when it needs transportation out of the warehouse. So labeling plays a vital role in this kind of work.

Products, before placed in the storage, must be identified and labeled in the manner that it will be easier to locate for future exportation. Here are some reasons why labeling is important

Efficient Work And Management

Portable warehouses can be as large as possible depending on how many materials are stored thus it takes time to find a specific product. Labeling helps to quickly track down products for inventory and future transportation which makes the staff work efficiently and save a lot of time. It will avoid confusion among the staff on where to find the right product needed.

Maintaining Good Condition

Products can be made up of different materials, so handling with care is essential. Labeling aids in this matter is useful; it will provide unique markings especially on fragile materials so that it will be taken to a section wherein all delicate products are put thus maintaining its original condition.

Lesser Risk Of Making A Mistake

Mishandling of products and possibly exporting the incorrect item to customers can be an error in this line of work. Proper labeling decreases the incidence of making a mistake which reflects negatively on warehouse owners.


Portable warehousing that has a labeling system is not just comprised of products labels; it also encompasses its floor labels, aisle labels, rack labels, etc. for efficient management.

Floor Labels

Many recommend this type of tag especially for large portable warehouses, which are made to withstand any personnel as well as machines that move within the area. It is also capable of getting any damage that is caused by contaminants.

Rack Labels

Many also use this type of labeling in warehouses because of its efficiency; it uses a color scheme for easier storing, inventory, and export processes. Also, some labels can be magnetic for more natural attachment to metal shelves.

Product Labels

There are many types of product label; it can range from a simple to a bar-coded label. Barcoding increases the accuracy of tracking products by eliminating writing error from a series of numbers. All you need is software and a barcode printer. They also applied RFID labels or Radio-frequency identification system to products, which will give you more information about your product.

Safety Labels

A warehouse may have a considerable amount of products and equipment with a lot of work going on. This label is placed around the warehouse for an additional reminder for workers when working on or near forklifts or when retrieving items from high shelves. It gives workers a safe working environment.

Labeling in portable warehousing has a lot of its advantages which can contribute to the high efficiency of your workers at the same time saving a lot of time and money for owners. It greatly helps in the work environment inside the warehouse to have a smooth and flawless job.


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